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Creative Collaborations: Alicia Kirwan of Beeyarnd - Esse

Creative Collaborations: Alicia Kirwan of Beeyarnd

To mark the launch of our new range Foundations and #PlasticFreeJuly, we collaborated with fibre artist, Alicia Kirwan, to create a unique art tote and raise funds for social enterprise, Seven Clean Seas.

Alicia, a self-taught fibre artist, was first drawn to the craft by the tactile nature of yarn. While her art practice and the fibre art form is still relatively new in Singapore, she boasts many creations that have found loving homes all over the island.

Putting our Foundations range to the test, she styles these (hard)working classics while working on what she does best in her home studio.

Read on to learn more about Alicia and the inspiration behind our limited-edition art totes.


Hi Alicia, tell us a bit more about your work as a fibre artist.

Hello! As a fibre artist, I discover various materials that I can integrate with yarns primarily and create fibre art for living spaces. Hence, the brand name Beeyarnd; It's a wordplay on beyond and yarn, unconventional use of yarn.


Alicia Beeyarnd
Alicia wears the Organic Cotton Boxy Jacket and Linen Open Back Top.


What drew you to create art pieces from yarn and fibres?

Textures, shapes and colours of the yarn and fibres are the key attractions to me. I adore the idea of making something beautiful and unconventional from a ball of yarn, or loose fibres that no one would consider up cycling them. Yarn covers a myriad of textures, from thick chunky wool to silky smooth bamboo tencel, they are so versatile to form into shapes and structure of an art piece. The best part in working with fibres is the process of twisting and turning them into shapes in my head and discovering new colour combinations. It is a multi-sensory experience.


Alicia Beeyarnd
Alicia wears the Organic Cotton Boxy Jacket, With Ease Shorts and Linen Open Back Top.


What do you draw inspiration from when creating your art pieces?

Fashion shows, sci-fi cartoons and nature documentaries are the best sources of my inspirations. Every source has amazing imagination and interpretation use of colours. For fashion shows and sci-fi cartoons, the creatives use colours to express their stories; every attention to detail is always intentional. And that takes hours in experimentation to hit the right note. As for documentaries, the beauty of nature is just breathtaking, and many of us find solace from it. So, I always consider nature as a safe place to create my fibre art that soothes me as much as clients who purchase them.


Thank you for creating these beautiful tassels and helping us to raise funds to clean up our marine environment. Why is environmental conservation important to you?

We are at the state where we are adapting to climate change, and experiencing discomfort in unprecedented times. It will be aggravated in years to come where our loved ones will bear the consequences if I choose to stay ignorant. By taking steps to conserve the environment in my own way, I can make a small change and mindset to encourage people around me to get involved, and take corrective measures. That individual small change will collectively make a massive difference to our communities.


Alicia Beeyarnd
Esse x Beeyarnd Art Totes


What was the inspiration behind the colour palette of these two tassels?

Whirl 1.0 and 2.0 is the rapid movement round and round, just like the process of wrapping different colours of yarn around the cord. They also symbolise the ebb and flow of ocean waters.

These colours are vivid memories of my last trip to Scotland, where I spent some days by the beach, and found myself in the present moment to appreciate the beauty of our planet and nature. The oceans are clear, they sparkle under a bright sun, creating momentary glitter — a rare moment that should be cherished.

I found myself fortunate to witness such beauty and I wanted to capture this vivid memory, especially for this collaboration.



Let’s talk a bit about fashion – what are some of your everyday go-to pieces?

I am all about versatility, comfort and fit. My everyday go-to pieces will be a crop top and mom jeans to fit my inverted triangle body type. After understanding my body shape and the daily movement of what my work requires, this entire outfit allow me to feel absolutely free, confident and unstoppable.


Alicia Beeyarnd

Alicia wears the Organic Button-up Jumpsuit


How do you stay comfortable while creating art?

While creating art in my home studio, I would always tell myself to set aside 15 minutes to dress up, wear a little make up so that it makes me feel good to look cute (even if I have nowhere else to go haha) before I enter my work room. So, the mindset and mood is the first thing that makes me stay comfortable throughout the day. In terms of what I wear, I like to either be in my training shorts on a sunny afternoon, or pants with pockets, where I can keep my tools in them while I stand and work on my fibre art.


Alicia Beeyarnd

Alicia wears the With Ease Maxi Skirt and Linen Open Back Top (inner piece)


Which is your favourite Foundations piece?

I love the With Ease Maxi Skirt. The lightness of the fabric is perfect for a tropical climate and the best part of the skirt is the side pockets. Even though I consider myself short, the length of the skirt elongates my body, and end just above my ankles. Perfect to match with any crop tops! 


Learn more about Beeyarnd and check out the limited edition art totes created by Alicia. Proceeds raised from the sale of each art tote will be donated to Seven Clean Seas to help remove plastic from our marine environment.


Photos by Tan Xinning of Alone Together

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