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Saving the Earth (one packaging at a time) - Esse

Saving the Earth (one packaging at a time)

Let’s talk packaging.

In 2019, The Straits Times reported that there were about 120 million e-commerce shoppers at the end of 2018. As more businesses shift to e-commerce, there will be an increase in single-use plastic waste and waste due to packaging. 

If you’ve shopped with us, you’ll know that we only use recycled paper for our packaging and try to minimise branding on our packaging, so it can be re-used and kept in the loop for as long as possible.

This solution is not good enough for us.

We’ve been researching and thinking of ways to keep our paper mailers in cycle by adopting a more circular model for our packaging. A circular model is designed to keep resources within a system as long as possible, and differs from linear models that focus on making, using and disposing of products. This also means reducing our waste and potentially reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%.

That's why, we’re pleased to announce a collaboration with Package Pals. Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative founded by Rachel Lee and Rachel Han to combat the waste from single-use packaging. Their goal is to extend the lifecycle of packaging that typically has a single-use lifespan and they do this by collecting used packaging (such as poly mailers, paper envelopes and more) from the public and redistributing them to independent sellers.

From July - September, we’re embarking on a trial with Package Pals to collect all used Esse mailer envelopes. We will then take back all used Esse mailer envelopes, to check, clean and redistribute them for reuse. This trial initiative is our way of exploring how we can make our packaging more circular.

Ready to reduce trash, CO2 emissions and save the planet with us? Here's how you can lend a hand.

Important things to note

-Please return mailer envelopes that are in good condition. To minimise the damage on the packaging, cut them open with scissors or use a letter-opener at the seam/seal rather than ripping the packaging open.

-Keep the label with your mailing address and name on the outside of the envelope so that we are able to identify you and credit the Esse Reward Points to your account.

-If you have privacy concerns regarding your address on donated packaging, please use a marker to strike-off your personal details before donating your envelope. Please note that we will not be able to credit the Esse Reward Points to your account once you have struck off your details.

-Packaging that is in poor condition and that does not pass our QC will be recycled. We will not be able to credit the Esse Reward Points to your account if the packaging that you have returned is not in reusable condition.


Thank you for doing your part to reduce waste, minimise CO2 emissions and save our Earth.

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