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Maya and Mili of Moom Health: The Future of Wellness is Flexible - Esse

Maya and Mili of Moom Health: The Future of Wellness is Flexible

To celebrate the launch of our second Wardrobe Hero, the Cloud Ensemble, we speak with sisters, Maya and Mili, who are the founders of Moom Health. Moom Health is a women’s health platform aimed at freeing women’s health solutions from a one-size-fits-all narrative starts with an integrative approach that is personalised to one’s unique health needs. 

Creating natural remedies for the modern Asian woman with expert knowledge that combines ancient tradition with modern scientific practice, Moom Health champions flexibility and invites women to embrace healthy daily rituals based on their modern day needs.

As we move into made-to-order, we have tried to make our pieces as flexible and adaptable as possible to the individual woman’s needs, with pieces that traverse occasions, provide functionality and give our community the agency to engage with their garments in creative and exciting way. 

We found it apt to speak with Maya and Mili to learn more about their wellness journey and dug deeper to find out what building daily rituals that fit into each of their unique lifestyles look like.

Maya wears the Cloud Scoop Tank in Mocha Brown and Multi-Tasker Pants in Pebble 

Hi Maya and Mili, please tell us a bit more about yourselves.

We are sisters, who call Singapore home. We are originally Indian and spent our entire childhood in Singapore before moving to the US for university at 18 - we both went to college in California. Finally, we both moved back to Singapore; and after years of contemplating decided to start something that not only meant something to us, but impacted the community at large! 


What were your own wellness journeys like?

Mili: Maya has battled with PCOS since she was 15, and struggled to find ways to best support her unique symptoms. After years of research, countless appointments, and too much money, she found a solution in natural medicine and holistic healing. This was something that she could confidently say worked for her, but was not a blanket solution for all those suffering from PCOS. The importance of a tailor-made solution had never been clearer.

That being said, elements of Moom were planted throughout our young-adult lives. In school, supplements were given to us like a side-dish (always neatly placed next to our meal). However, when we went to college, we would forget to take the supplements our Mom packed for us in our suitcase, and had to find a new solution. We started making individual, daily bags (with the small jewelry plastic bags). It worked and friends in college started doing the same. 

Moom is a culmination of our experiences of years and of the conversations we have had with countless women. The issues seem to be unanimous but the solutions can’t be. In our opinion, the need for a personalised, convenient, holistic, supplement platform truly existed, and that’s why we started Moom. 

Mili wears the Cloud Scoop Tank in Cereal and High-waist Linen Pants with Origami Belt in Vanilla Mist

Why did you choose to combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science to create your formulations? 

Mili and Maya: We’ve always been exposed to traditional healing modalities as our parents grew up in India (a turmeric latte (aka ‘haldi doodh’ has been an anti-inflammatory tool for generations)! We have always understood the importance of traditional medicine, and at the same time have valued and believed in modern science. Ultimately, we believe that there is a reason tradition medicine and healing modalities has withstood the test of time


Mili wears the Cloud Scoop Tank and Cloud Cutaway Tank in Cereal and Relaxed Drawstring Capri in Pebble 


What, in your opinion, makes Moom’s supplements suitable for today’s modern woman?

Maya and Mili: Our convenience, our transparency, our high quality, expert backed formulations and ingredients, and our community driven focus. We believe that Moom brings an unparalleled consumer-forward experience to the supplement aisle and has been specifically designed for the millenial, Asian woman. These are our ethos and brand pillars, and what makes us ideal for the modern woman! 


Mili wears the Cloud Scoop Tank, Cloud Cutaway Tank and Cloud Maxi Skirt in Cereal

Your go-to supplements from the Moom range?

Maya: Super Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, B Complex and Super Amla. I focus a lot on addressing my PCOS as most of my wellness issues stem from that. The Licorice Root and B Comp in particular support my PCOS directly, while the Ashwagandha and Amla are designed to support my hair growth and scalp health! 

Mili: Super Curcumin, Super Ashwagandha, Synbiotic, Magnesium. I tend to run a bit anxious and sleep is not really my forte so the combination of magnesium and Ashwagandha truly help with that. As a result of a lack of sleep and stress, my skin is very sensitive so Curcumin (for the glow) and a Synbiotic (for my gut health) are my go-to’s!  



Tell us a bit more about your own personal wellness rituals and routines.

Mili: I think I have always tried my best to make sure my daily rituals are simple enough that I can carry them with me wherever I am or whatever the situation may be. Taking a little time for myself every morning regardless of where I am or what my morning consists of is something I do try to prioritise, but also realizing that it's not possible to always be on top of any ritual is also something that I have really tried to embrace; If this year has taught us anything, it's that nothing is certain! 

At Moom, we truly believe that things should be possible, and don’t need to be perfect and I think being ok with that is truly the key to managing overall wellbeing.

I’m not naturally a morning person but am actively trying to be. I don’t do much, but giving myself the extra 10 minutes to just sit on my balcony and enjoy my cup of coffee, moving my body in some way, taking my time to have a shower and go through my skincare routine, and picking out an outfit for the day is something I truly enjoy. There are too many mornings I rush out the door with my coffee in hand and drenched hair, but when I am able to have a ‘slow’ and intentional morning I really do set myself up for the day. 

Maya: I agree with Mili! While I love and cherish my daily rituals, I also love being thrown in unexpected situations and dealing with what comes my way! Sometimes it’s for the good and sometimes for the bad, but I am really of the belief that we should live in the moment and embrace anything that comes our way. If my routine is disrupted one day, I just try to restart it the next day, or the next week.

I enjoy my morning ritual, but I also truly love my evening ritual. It’s my time to wind down. I start by cooking dinner, something that helps get my evening ritual started. Then post-shower, I light all my candles and incense or Palo Santo (whatever I have on hand), and love ending the evening binge watching a tv show or obsessing over the book I’m reading. I try to minimize phone and laptop time before I go to bed as much as possible - that’s definitely been hard since starting Moom, but it truly is a priority!  


Maya wears the Cloud Cutaway Tank in Mocha Brown and Perk by Kate Pursuit Leggings in Slate Grey


We love the flexibility that Moom offers when it comes to tailoring wellness rituals according to the individual’s needs. Tell us more about how that works.

Mili and Maya: We want everyone on Moom to know that Moom evolves with them! Our advisory board recommends checking in with yourself every 3-4 months to see what you feel needs to be changed (if anything). Customers can simply email us and we, along with the guidance of our advisory board, can help with that! 


The both of you run Moom while juggling other roles. How do you ensure that you carve out time to take care of your health and body?

Mili and Maya: As of 2022, we are both officially full time with Moom! It became a bit too much and all our other priorities were taking a backseat. Even though entrepreneurship is hard and stressful, we do what we can!


What are some of your go-to wardrobe essentials for a busy day of appointments and work?

Maya: A flowy dress with a pair of sandals or a pair of pants and a fun (but not too fun) top! I’m usually a sandals girl too - especially in the Singapore heat- but for a little bit more of a formal occasion I’ll put on my loafers, as well! 

Mili: A white button-down shirt or t-shirt with jeans or a good pair of flowy trousers. If I need to look a little more put together, I’ll throw on loafers and a jacket, otherwise I love a comfy pair of chunky sandals and some gold hoops! 


Maya wears the Cloud Scoop Tank and Cloud Cutaway Tank in Mocha Brown

We’re excited to share our second Wardrobe Hero, which is a part of our made-to-order line. Please tell us how you’d incorporate these versatile styles into your daily routines.

Mili and Maya: We found the pieces so comfortable and versatile. From layering the tops (on top of each other) with a pair of jeans, to wearing them under a jacket some trousers and heels- they are great pieces for truly any occasion! 

Special thanks to Mili and Maya for inviting us into their beautiful home, and Tan Xinning of Alone Together for the images. Learn more about Moom Health here.


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