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Conscious Packaging

Our packaging is plastic-free and made from 100% recycled paper products, and we opt for packaging with minimal to no branding so that you can reuse and repurpose them.

We’ve also embarked on a trial with Package Pals to make our packaging more circular. Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative founded to combat the waste from single-use packaging. Their goal is to extend the life cycle of packaging that typically has a single-use lifespan. Package Pals does this by collecting used packaging (such as poly mailers, paper envelopes and more) from the public and redistributing them to independent sellers.

Since July 2020, Package Pals has been helping Esse collect all their used packaging. These are then sent back to us to check, clean and redistribute for reuse.

Customers can participate in this initiative in two ways:

Opt for reused Esse mailer envelopes and enjoy free shipping

Return Esse mailer envelopes for reuse and earn Esse reward points

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